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💋 мωαн 
21 June 2017 @ 01:40 pm

If you are coming back to LiveJournal and want to know the active graphic communities, here's a list for you. Also, if you don't see your community listed here please let me know and I will add it.

allthingscute ➝ graphics by mwah
blink ➝ graphics by here
bulletsandbows ➝ graphics by ballistiks
candycreations ➝ graphics by cherany
dozewoods ➝ graphics by zeus
dreampixel ➝ graphics by unreal
enchantedsea ➝ multi-maker
faerie_blinks ➝ graphics by onthaedge
frostiing ➝ graphics by pink_cupcake
frozensugar ➝ multi-maker
gaiablinks ➝ multi-maker
glitterfuls ➝ multi-maker
gothiiccharm ➝ multi-maker
graphicsbytlm ➝ graphics by theladymaggie
juicy_grapes ➝ multi-maker
lovebugdoodles ➝ graphics by siignals
mesmeryze ➝ graphics by adorablexi
mondlichtung ➝ graphics by yueshi
munchables ➝ graphics by crinkle
piinkness ➝ graphics by wiished
rebelgirl_inc ➝ graphics by zombiequeen
romantiics ➝ graphics by moonshinefaerie
sassied ➝ graphics by christie
smirky ➝ multi-maker
starlitgrace ➝ multi-maker
steleus ➝ graphics by fawns
sugarxswirls ➝ graphics by arrow
sunkizzedxo ➝ graphics by glowstar
tsukisagis ➝ graphics by tsukisagi
xkawaii_pandax ➝ graphics by ladypoe
yahuh ➝ multi-maker

💋 мωαн 
29 June 2017 @ 12:51 am
I am accepting new friends right now. If you think we have a few things in common, feel free to comment & add me!